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Date: May 11, 2004
Human Wisdom


Welcome to Terra City (Part 1: The Analysis)

Montreal, Canada. “The simplest fact of our reality is that all people’s problems are being caused by… people, or as we prefer to think… by other people. Everything good or bad around us, besides the beauty and harshness of nature, has been created by us. Therefore our analysis should focus on the essentials of human nature,” says Bostan who uses a ‘data-goal-way’ model of analysis, and his next question is: “Are human beings good or bad?”

Based on concrete examples in the society and everyday life the author opines that people are actually both good and bad. “In certain conditions, each one of us can be mean, cruel and hurtful to others… and in different circumstances the same person can become kind, thoughtful and generous. So, the question is not so much how can we change our human nature, but rather how can we create conditions that will entice us to act rather well than bad?”

This analysis reveals a total of eight essential data, which lead to a surprising perspective: “The countless problems that make the lives of millions of people tough and unfulfilling, and those of other millions miserable and unbearable, such as insecurity, unemployment, violence, poverty, famine and diseases are only… symptoms. Which explains why they are so difficult to cure,” says Bostan. “At the root of them all lies our fundamental problem - the real reason we haven’t managed to achieve real progress in our lives so far, despite our impressive progress in science and technology.”

“Our fundamental problem is rooted in our obsolete mentality based on the millennium-old motto of our society ‘Survival of the Fittest’, and our flawed attitude towards life itself,” realizes Bostan. “Life should be treated as the greatest opportunity each one of us has to fulfill our creative potential, reach self-actualization, become the best that we can be, and enjoy every moment of being and feeling alive.

Upgrading our mentality and attitude towards life and towards each other in such a way to generate a Human Era on earth is what our main goal needs to be,” concludes the author. “When we’ll start this inner change, each and every one of today’s ‘insurmountable’ problems will become solvable.”

To determine a proper way to reach this goal, the author invites us to an individual introspection, to look at our lives as an integral part of the evolution of humanity, to consider our ‘synergic creativity worldwide’ as the next stage in this evolution, and put our very best forward in building a society based on this concept. As a first concrete step on this way the author launches an invitation to a global project called Terra City “in which every thinking being on the planet is invited to take part, benefit and enjoy.”

The highlights of Terra City will be presented in the next segment: Welcome to Terra City - Part 2: The Project.

Dan Bostan and publisher Human Wisdom welcome everyone to express their opinion regarding the analysis presented in Terra City. All relevant questions, comments, suggestions and articles received will be considered for publication in a synergic edition of the book.

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Dan Bostan

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