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Date: March 29, 2004
Human Wisdom


Human Wisdom Award for Contributions to a Better World

Montreal, Canada. ’Tomorrow’s society is being built today!’ is the idea of an initiative of the Montreal-based publishing company Human Wisdom now launching an invitation to people worldwide to become builders of a better world, or ‘Human Era’ as they call it.

As part of that endeavor, the company initiated the Human Wisdom Award Program which is being granted to people, companies and organizations throughout the world who distinguish themselves in various fields of human activity and deserve recognition for their contribution to a better world.

”Each era has its pioneers; its heroes,” reads the opening statement of the award program quoting Sergio Tripi, a former representative to Italy of the United Nations University for Peace. Human Wisdom realizes that while some such pioneers are publicly known, most are not, and their valuable ideas and generous efforts invariably end up creating little impact, mainly due to lack of exposure and support. The Award Program discovers and brings to public attention these ’Forerunners of a Human Era’.

Launched in the summer of 2003, the program includes seven categories: outstanding Vision, Altruism, Constructive Initiatives, Innovation and Discovery, Sharing, Joyfulness and Beauty. Among current laureates: the Good News Agency, Synergic Earth, Christine Smith's John Denver Legacy and Dreams of Freedom charity, the University for the Study of Human Goodness, Tintota International, Utne Magazine, Problems of Humanity, MarianneGB's Art, Voodoochilli, BTDesign Art Gallery.

Some initiatives are well-known, while others in incipient stages; some are international while others national or regional projects. "The Human Wisdom Award Program considers size and present recognition as the least relevant criteria for an initiative to receive the award," says founder Dan Bostan. "What matters most is their intrinsic human value, their spirit of generosity and the potential positive impact they may have in other people's lives."

The Human Wisdom Award is not the only ‘human-oriented’ initiative of the Canadian company. Its recently published book Terra City launches a publishing concept called ‘Synergic Creativity’, where readers interested in debating and further developing the subject are invited to co-author an enhanced edition of the book. Human Wisdom also promotes an endeavor called the Terra City Project.

"There is a lot of frustration, anger and disbelief in the world, and we are all aware of that," says Bostan. "There is also much creativity, goodwill and generosity in the world, of which we are not so much aware. Many things contributed to the evolution of human civilization but most of all the creativity, daring and spirit of sacrifice of some of our human fellows; and this is what will carry us forward. To intensify this process, it is essential that we all become aware, and possibly inspired, by those generously creating, daring and sometimes sacrificing themselves for the good of humanity."

Human Wisdom invites everyone interested to join this initiative and become involved in searching, discovering, nominating and awarding those who strive through their positive thoughts, talents and efforts to contribute to a better world. Media outlets who consider becoming official national or regional organizers of the award are invited to contact Human Wisdom.

Details regarding the award categories, criteria, laureates and other Human Wisdom endeavors may be found at their website:  


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