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Forerunners of a Human Era

“Each era has its pioneers; its heroes. People who sacrifice themselves completely because they have a clear vision of tomorrow’s world and of what needs to be done to bring it into being. People who today embody the principles of the future and who, in the midst of the indifference and incomprehension of the majority, create, with self-sacrifice, the necessary basis for another step forward by humanity.”

Knowing How to Give and How to Receive
by Sergio Tripi -
Rome, Italy, 1995


"Each era has its pioneers" indeed. Some of them are known to the public, but most of them are not, and their valuable ideas and generous efforts end up with very little impact, if any, mainly due to lack of proper exposure and support from the rest of us. The purpose of the Human Wisdom Award Program is to value these admirable men and women who are doing their very best to help all of us move towards a better world - a Human Era on Earth. To honor these people and their valuable work and to make them known to the world as Forerunners of a Human Era - this is why the Human Wisdom Award Program.

Award Categories

There are many ways in which people can act positively in the society and bring their contributions to a better world, and therefore there are seven award categories for various forms of expression. Each award category is described below through their most significant keywords.


Award for Vision
: solution for a better future, search for the common good, progress of humanity, ideal, evolution, improvement, originality, audaciousness, open-mindedness.

Award for Altruism
: human gesture, kindness, generosity, selflessness, benevolence.

Award for Constructive Initiative
: concrete action, constructive purpose, innovation, humanity, audacity, determination, zeal, generosity.

Award for Innovation and Discovery
: innovation and discovery as generators of viable programs for a sustainable development, ingeniosity, search for truth, open-mindedness, humanity, generosity.

Award for Sharing
Keywords: information and knowledge sharing, reflection of the new basic principles and values into the world of men, free of charge, generosity, humanity.

Award for Joyfulness
Keywords: joie de vivre, laughter, optimism, enthusiasm, aspiration, passion, motivation, generosity, humanity.

Award for Beauty 
Keywords: humanity inspired creativity, creativity in arts, music and literature, high ideal, motivation.

In order to be granted the Human Wisdom Award a project has to relate to at least two of the keywords indicated for its category.

There are many interesting endeavors, ingeniously designed projects and many talented artists in the world, which are without any doubt worth learning about and appreciating. The Human Wisdom Award is dedicated to the Forerunners of a Human Era and is being granted only to those endeavors trying to contribute in a way or another to a better world: a better life for all of us, in a true human society.

Elaboration and Achievement

The positive initiatives, projects, endeavors or artistic expressions in each one of the above categories are naturally expected to be on different levels of elaboration and achievement. Some projects may have been around for years and made already a mark in their field. Others may be in various phases of development and possibly just started to reach significant accomplishments. Then, there are the most recent ones, of which only few people may have heard yet, but their inner value, generosity and energy have the potential to make a difference in some people's lives - and that is what matters. On the other hand, some projects are being developed at an international scale while others are national or regional projects.

We gave a special consideration to all these aspects and we acknowledge that it may seem a bit odd to grant the same award to a well-known highly-respected international endeavor and to a more recent yet valuable one developed locally in a city, town or village somewhere in the world. However, granting a Human Wisdom Award to a certain project represents the recognition of its valuable humanitarian intention to contribute to a better world, rather than an opinion on its present degree of elaboration and achievement, and even less so a judgment of its present and future impact in our lives. That will be done by life itself...

Human Wisdom Award & People’s Wisdom Award

All works, projects and endeavors that receive a Human Wisdom Award are enlisted as laureates of their respective categories in the Forerunners of a Human Era section of the Human Wisdom Synergic Media. Each award category also features its own Site of the Week.

But this is just the beginning. With a foreseen larger public participation and the involvement of national and regional media outlets, we expect to develop a much broader activity of searching, discovering, nominating and awarding those who deserve recognition. This will ultimately lead to a People’s Wisdom Award, which will be offered those laureates which have obtained the public acclaim within their own country and worldwide.


The Human Wisdom award program welcomes nominations available in English, French, Spanish or Italian or  as well as in any other language as long as they have a translation in one of these four languages.


The information received through application forms or emails for the Human Wisdom Award will be considered private and used exclusively by the Human Wisdom staff and evaluators for the purpose of this award program only.

The applicants' email addresses will not be disclosed or sold to any other person or organization.

Human Wisdom will display the award winners with a link to the URL of the web production and a description of the site. Sometimes we may quote significant excerpts and include representative illustrations from the winning sites.

This site gathers statistic information for the sole purpose of determining and improving traffic to Human Wisdom website. This does not affect in any way the judging procedure which is solely based on the criteria and keywords specified for each award category.

All statistics regarding applications and winners presented in this site will have no personal information.


The following applications are not accepted for review in this award program:

1. Productions containing offensive language, pornography, violence, hatred, discrimination, support of war, promotion of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs.

2. Websites created or owned by people younger than 13 years (in comply with C.O.P.P.A.).

3. Works and websites without a copyright notice.

Applications will be processed within 2 to 4 weeks. Due to time constraints only the winning productions will be notified and sent the award they won. Each winning production will be listed in the respective Laureates category. Linking back to Human Wisdom is not an obligation, most people do it a gesture of mutual appreciation.


The Human Wisdom Award program and the award graphics are the property of Human Wisdom. All quotes and illustrations belonging to other parties are credited as such.


We welcome applications from everyone who has, or knows of a web production which contributes to a better world. If you have any difficulty sending the application form provided below, please send us an email with the information required in that form at

So, if you happen to discover an initiative, project, endeavor or artistic creation, online or offline, that impressed you with its enlightening Vision... or touched you with its high spirit of Altruism... or astonished you by its determination in a Constructive Initiative... or amazed you with its creative force of Innovation and Discovery... or allowed you to benefit from its generous Sharing spirit... or filled you with Joyfulness... or enchanted your soul with its humanity inspired Beauty... please submit it to the Human Wisdom Award. Thus you are doing a great service to each one of those works, to humanity, and ultimately to yourself.


Thank you all very much for your participation!


The following Award Program Indices allow people to find out about the Human Wisdom Award thus contributing to the success of this award program. We thank them immensely!   

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Eutoda Site Awards   Website Awards     

Your questions, comments and suggestions about the Human Wisdom Award 

Send this site to a friend who might be interested in the Human Wisdom Award - Thank you!

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