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HW Roundtables?

Generally speaking, Human Wisdom Roundtables are forums which allow everyone interested to discuss a variety of subjects of general interest or concern and develop synergy in search for solutions to problems that we all face at an individual, community, country or planet level. But the utmost role of the Human Wisdom Roundtables is to encourage people to reflect on a few major questions, such as: 

Is life as good as it could be, all over the world?

What would it take to make life better for all of us?

How can we create a true Human Era on earth?

There are actually two kinds of Human Wisdom Roundtables

The main kind of roundtables are the ones that are taking place “live everywhere in the world - in coffee shops and little restaurants, in living rooms, on a few benches or while walking in a park - where people like you and me, surrounded by a few friends and acquaintances, ask the question, discuss the subject, dream and envision the makeup and features of a Human Era. This is what we would call the Local Roundtables, and this is where more and more people of all ages and sexes and professions and religions are starting to look at life as simple human beings striving for abundance, fulfillment and enjoyment, and start to realize that we all on this planet need and must and can become abundant and fulfilled and enjoy life plentifully. 

The entire 'human wisdom' that will be coming out of this multitude of local roundtables will be gathered in our common Worldwide Roundtable hosted by the Human Wisdom web site – the very section that you are visiting now. 

The brainstorming principles 

Experience showed that in order to achieve the maximum synergy among the participants in a roundtable, the main brainstorming principles need to be adopted as general rules for discussions, and they are:

1.   Everyone is absolutely free to express any idea on the subject in discussion, regardless of how "unusual" or "utopian" it may sound.

2.   No one has the right to criticize any idea expressed by someone else.

3.   Everyone is absolutely free to further expand, spin off, enhance... any idea previously expressed by someone else.

4.   All ideas are written down by someone while they are being expressed, without any interpretation or alteration, and ideas are being discussed in the synergic analysis of the roundtable.

Welcome to Human Wisdom Roundtables!





Your questions, comments and suggestions about the HW Roundtables

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