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Feel welcome to link with Human Wisdom!

It is an integral part of Human Wisdom beliefs and synergic strategy to establish as many links as possible with people, organizations, institutions, corporations and associations that are trying their best, in various constructive ways, to find solutions that can enhance people's lives all over the globe. It is part of discovering and sharing more and more of our common human wisdom

Therefore, Human Wisdom welcomes everyone who has a web site that relates to or complements Human Wisdom principles, objectives and activities, to send us the address and a brief description of the site. It will be a pleasure to review it and if appropriate include it in this section.

If you would like to include a link to Human Wisdom in your web site, please copy and paste our description below. If your site is in another language than English, we would appreciate if you would kindly translate this description in your language.

As mentioned throughout this site, it is one of core principles of Human Wisdom to reward every thought and gesture that can directly or indirectly contribute to reaching the main objectives of a Human Era on earth - good health, abundance, personal fulfillment and enjoyment of life for everyone. Linking Human Wisdom to your site is a significant and benefic gesture. Therefore, we suggest that you choose a Human Wisdom Personal Code (HWPC) and invite your guests to type it in when they first visit the Human Wisdom web site. (For more details please see HW P&D System)

Human Wisdom Endeavor - Synergic Creativity Worldwide in a New Era of Humanity
Human Wisdom is a profit-for-all enterprise of people worldwide, where everyone strives for a better life for all, in a true human society. Feel welcome to explore the Human Wisdom site and discover how you can express your talents, knowledge and skills in the most meaningful and rewarding activities, in synergic interaction with thousands of other people around the world, and how you will benefit from your participation. 

Note: When you visit the Human Wisdom web site for the first time, please type in our Human Wisdom Personal Code (HWPC): Your HW Personal Code. Thank you!

If you linked Human Wisdom to your web site, please send us an email with your HWPC at - Thank you!

Feel welcome to visit any of the web sites listed below!

Each one of these sites contains thoughts, intentions, actions, experiences and energies that could be beneficial and inspirational to anyone striving for betterment. Naturally, each one of these sites may have some shortages or aspects with which you may not be in total agreement. - That is normal, for they are made by human beings. In that case, don't hesitate to send them your precious feedback thus allowing their owners and webmasters to continuously improve their sites.

Some of these sites are more spiritual while others are more practical or commercial, some are more elaborate while others are more direct. We would suggest that you try to look beyond these differences and search for their inner value mainly as a mind opener for the visitor, in any particular aspect. If you discover such a value, please send them a few words too, for there is no sweeter reward for their hundreds of hours of work than such a feedback of appreciation.

We organized the linked sites in the following three categories.
Enjoy your search and discovery!

Informative sites from which we learned

Inspiring sites that uplifted our spirits

Beautiful sites that enchanted our souls

Your questions, comments and suggestions about some of the linked sites

Send this site to a friend who might be interested in some of the linked sites - Thank you!

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