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Here are the Human Wisdom staff & associates as of spring of 2003. As our activity will grow and diversify we expect this list to grow and incorporate people from every country in the world.



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Dan Bostan



Founder of Human Wisdom and author of the opening edition of Terra City book.

December 12, 1954 in Bucharest, Romania

Living in
Montreal, Canada

Activity (in chronological order)
Automotive engineer, biomechanics researcher, building superintendent, unemployed, property administrator, book author and publisher.

Jonathan Carroll



Human Wisdom Technology Consultant
Initiator and designer of the first Human Wisdom website on December 29, 2002.
Co-writer of the copy of 'Why Human Wisdom?' which is the main part of the present 'A Human Era' page.

July 26, 1967 - Montreal, Canada

Living in
Beaconsfield, Canada

Technical Architect

Ian Cuthbertson



The first enthusiastic supporter of Terra City and the Human Wisdom concept.
Editor of the opening edition of Terra City

April 10th 1984 in Montreal, Canada

Living in
Montreal, Canada

Currently studies Liberal Arts at John Abbott College, News Editor of the Guardian - a student publication, Lifesaving Instructor.

Sandra Stephenson



Human Wisdom concept advisor 
Organizer of the first Human Wisdom roundtables.


Living in


Feel welcome to communicate directly with any of the Human Wisdom staff and associates. 

Also, if you would like to invite one of them as a guest to an open Roundtable that you are organizing in your community, don't hesitate to send in an Invitation to a Roundtable.

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