Terra City book - Opening Edition

TERRA CITY BOOK (Opening Edition)

Terra City was the first book published by Human Wisdom, in November 2002. Without any intention of being sensational, this book is simply one of a kind: its approach, concept and findings - everything in it makes it different from any other book.

The book begins with an original analysis of our individual lives and human society as a whole, seeking an answer to a simple question - Can they be better, and how? The result of this analysis is both astonishing and refreshing. Not only that the lives and society of all human beings can and should be incomparably better, but the way to reach such an outstanding achievement is surprisingly enjoyable and fulfilling, and what’s more, totally within our reach.

The most intriguing and beautiful part of this transformation for the better is described in the pinnacle of the book - a visionary global project without precedent called Terra City, in which every thinking being on the planet is invited to take part and contribute to solving the very problems we face as an individual, a country and a human society.

The last chapter of Terra City presents the succession of thoughts and facts that led to the idea of Human Wisdom and launches an invitation to each and every one to take part in this first concrete step in building a new and better life for each one of us and open the dawn of a Human Era on earth.


This edition of Terra City book is only an opening edition. - In other words, the author only opens the subject, expresses a certain point of view, proposes a particular method of analysis, establishes a set of premises and initiates the discussion. Then, he is launching an invitation to all the people who are concerned with this subject to participate in the debate with their own opinions, personal experiences and visions. As a result, the author and the readers will create an enhanced edition of the original book, representing the best that everyone could think on this subject in this moment in time.

If you relate to matters such as the meaning of life, the future of humanity, a new vision for the human society, a new progressive era for the human civilization, then...

Feel welcome to express your own vision and become a co-writer of the enhanced edition
of Terra City book.

The next section tries to familiarize you with the main ideas discussed in Terra City book through a selection of excerpts. First, here is a concise review of the book by Jonathan Carroll.


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Terra City – The Review
By Jonathan Carroll

Are You Up To The Challenge?

In his remarkable book titled Terra City, Dan Bostan throws down the proverbial gauntlet and challenges all of us to participate in what promises to be - should we choose to accept - simultaneously the most difficult and rewarding endeavor – the Terra City Project.


With a style that is uniquely personal, passionate and honest, Dan Bostan’s Terra City begins by pushing us to look ourselves, our lives and the world and to examine what is working and more importantly, what isn’t. From the outset, Dan Bostan grapples with a question that has surely plagued all of us at some time or another – After thousands of years of evolution, how far have we really come as individuals, as a society and indeed, as a global village?


There is no question that the world is an exciting place: Great technical achievements, medical advancements, and fundamental changes taking place at an ever-increasing rate, often leave us with the dizzying feeling that anything is possible. And yet, somewhere deep down, each one of us is often with the nagging sense that despite the many advancements, something is still missing, something is still wrong. That the same violent political situations continue to fester decade after decade, that millions of people in underdeveloped countries continue to starve to death every year, that drugs and alcohol are more popular than ever as a means to escape reality, is proof that changes in our quality of life have not kept pace with many of the other changes.


Dan Bostan’s sometimes personal, sometimes objective but always warm and friendly tone, makes examining these and many other issues, easier and less daunting. He develops a model that we can use to identify, analyze and eventually, begin to look for some solutions. Naturally, this process begins in our own lives but by beginning to help ourselves, we discover the tools and means to help others and their journey towards a better, more rewarding life.


With its focus on synergy and the idea that the whole can have a tremendously greater potential than the sum of its parts, Terra City represents the ultimate heights that we can achieve – together.


Terra City is a project, a proposal, a concept and indeed, a challenge like no other. The book you have now is but the opening edition. Dan Bostan and Human Wisdom invite all readers to participate in writing the next edition and eventually, to help realize the Terra City dream.


Terra City demands much from you. While easy to read and even easier to understand, you will be faced with one difficulty in the end: You will be asked to imagine. You will be asked to “think outside the box”. You will be asked to believe that through the power of synergistic cooperation, it is possible to generate humanistic advancements every bit as powerful and fantastic as the technological and medical advancements already achieved.


Are you up to the challenge? We invite you to read and more importantly, to think about Terra City. Once you have finished Terra City, you will hopefully understand the full nature of the challenge being presented to you.


Terra City is organized in seven chapters. You probably already encountered citations from this book throughout this site. You can read some more excerpts from each chapter by clicking on its title:


If you wish to become a co-writer of the enhanced edition of Terra City book, or

if you are interested to translate the opening edition of Terra City book into another language, please send us an email at: hw@humanwisdom.ca

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