Excerpts from "Terra City" - Opening Edition
Published by HUMAN WISDOM - November 2002


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6.        TERRA CITY

You can read the main excerpt from this chapter in Terra City Project. 


Beautiful Things. Regarding the cost each country will have to cover for building its Terra Country, an important factor will be the focus that each country will have in its concept and design. Although we would all love to see the most beautiful and daring output of each people’s artistic and innovative expression, equally important will be the sincerity, honesty, open-mindedness and trustworthiness that their ideas emanate. We might prefer to see each country caring less of how expensive its presentation is, and instead how genuine, open and human are the thoughts behind it. The architectural beauty should not be the expression of the wealth, opulence and power of a country, but instead the expression of the potential for kindness, wisdom, generosity and aspirations of the people of that country. We can think of someone’s house as a good example. What would you feel if you were invited in a beautiful, extravagant and expensive house but where the hosts are infatuated, “full of themselves”, interested mostly in showing off and driven only by their hidden agenda? Alternatively, what would you feel if invited in a beautiful and original house, much more modest than the first one though, where the hosts are sincerely welcoming and willing to share with you everything they have in their house, hearts and minds?

 Some More Questions. There are other important issues on which we as designers and builders of Terra City have to decide, such as: What kind of buildings each Terra Country should have? Should they be only houses of various shapes and sizes or rather public buildings? Should they be of a traditional or a modern inspiration? What kind of activities should be organized - An overview of each country’s historical evolution and present reality? Various exhibitions of social, political, economic and cultural aspects? Traditional customs, music, rituals and costumes? The natural beauties of each country? The splendor of the artwork of their most talented artists? Should there be organized lectures and international universities, or open-heart-and-mind sessions to share with the entire world what each culture learned from their historic experience, and from the more recent experience of the thousands of synergetic groups organized across each country?

This will be a challenge, an experiment and a new chance for everything, but more profoundly than anything else – a challenge for our spirituality. In our search for truth, we will have to listen, contemplate and try to understand others; we will have to search for a new perspective, mentality and attitude in becoming true members of the Terra community. When entering Terra City we will have to accept to live this experience in its entirety, leaving at the door our instinctive tendencies to grab, compete and fight. Instead, everyone will feel welcome to ask their questions and share their experiences, express their opinions, hypotheses, and solutions. All these valuable contributions will be presented to the entire world through all forms of media thus allowing a new spirit and hope to gradually make place in people’s soul and a new perspective of life on Earth will progressively develop in people’s minds.

Particularly special will be the moment when a blessed people will have the courage and integrity to make an unprecedented gesture that will astound the world - They will make a candid analysis of their past and present, and come out with honesty and humbleness and recognize in front of the entire world the mistakes that they historically made towards the people of other countries, and towards their own people, and announce that they decided to cease all that forever. That will be the most significant step in reaching a higher consciousness for mankind, and it will show how indeed the change of attitude at an individual level can influence the change in an entire country and further the history of the entire planet. […]

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