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Why a Profit-for-All Enterprise?
This is from far the most frequently asked question regarding
the Human Wisdom Endeavor. Here is the answer.

As a social science student pointed out in a recent roundtable, ‘there are idealists and there are realists in this world’. The idealists are mostly doing the kind of things mentioned above. The realists are generally ignoring what the idealists do, since the reality - the tough reality for most of them - does not allow them to "dream" like the idealists seem to be doing.

The irony is that many idealists are acting from within nonprofit organizations - which are essentially funded (mostly) by realists - and therefore cannot get the full credit they deserve and consequently fail to convince the realists. Thus… we are all stuck!

Time has come now to build a bridge between the two camps. In order to do that, we have to find a way to pursue the idealistic types of actions in a self-sustaining manner, which would stand a better chance to convince the realists that the human approach is indeed a better and viable alternative.

Human Wisdom considers that it all has to start from the basic need of making a living. What alternatives do we have to make a living? We either get a job in a company or we try to open a “small shop” of our own. Be it an auto mechanic workshop, a small store, a photo/design studio or a small engineering or investing firm, from a core viewpoint they are all small shops. In each one of them, in order to “make it” the owner has to put up with a considerable (most shop owners would say unreasonable) amount of effort, sacrifice and risk. In all fairness, we should also mention that indeed, a few of these little shops will some day become bigger enterprises. But at what cost...

Is there a better alternative? - Something that would offer everyone access to the kind of the resources (human, financial, marketing, advertising, distribution...) that only big corporations can afford, and at the same time would allow each one of us to reach the abundance, fulfillment and enjoyment of life that the little shop owners dream of, but without having to bear their exhausting struggle?

The Human Wisdom answer is – Yes, there is a better alternative! The most important support for this alternative comes from an extremely powerful and almost completely ignored element - our synergic creativity. Simply said, this concept demonstrates how you and me and him can accomplish together many times more than you and me and him acting separately.

Consider this: there are so many idea-people, skilled people, know-how people, communication people, people "sitting on their money" being afraid to risk it in the stock market or elsewhere... Each one of them, separately, can only get a job or eventually open a small shop. Together, they could do much better - with one condition: to accept that everyone receives their fair share of the profit and no one has the “lion's share”, for the simple reason that no one actually deserves it in the first place. This is the core idea of the Human Wisdom Endeavor and this is why Human Wisdom had to be a profit-for-all enterprise.

There are also many other people who are not (yet) idea-people, skilled people, know-how people or communication people, but could very well become one if they would only be given a fair chance and proper motivation. This too is part of the Human Wisdom concept - to create those 'human' conditions that would stimulate and facilitate everyone to become the best they can be - as a professional and as a human being.

This is what the distinguished  humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow called reaching self-actualization - the highest stage on the hierarchy of human needs.

Succeeding in this endeavor would bring us all a double accomplishment. First, people would create a viable alternative of making a living in an incomparably more rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable manner than what they are experiencing now. Second, by doing that, people would become aware of the unlimited power of their cooperation and mutual respect, versus competition and hate, which would open an entirely new perspective in life and lead us to creating a Human Era in the evolution of the human civilization. 

The Principle

The main operating principle of the Human Wisdom Endeavor is that everything we do - including the way we do it and the way we share the benefits of what we are doing - is the product of the synergic creativity of people worldwide. In other words, we all have to decide together for ourselves and take responsibility for these decisions.

This is actually the main strength and weakness of the Human Wisdom concept. It is its strength because our synergic creativity is indeed the most powerful creative force that we could dream of and rely upon - the only resource that can help us significantly enhance our lives and society. The weakness comes from the fact that the synergic creativity cannot be purchased, discovered as a treasure or received as a gift - it has to be gradually developed, and that requires everyone's involvement. To reach it and enjoy its benefits, we all have to become aware of it, start to reflect on it and gradually act upon it.

The Operation

We organized the presentation of the Human Wisdom concrete operation, as well as some more details about its concept, in the following three sections, based on the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) about the respective issues. Please feel welcome to review them and an take active part in enhancing them further.

Your questions, comments and suggestions about the Human Wisdom Endeavor 

Send this site to a friend who might be interested in the Human Wisdom Endeavor Thank you!

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