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If you have any questions that are not being addressed here or have any suggestions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us, for this is the interaction that the entire concept of Human Wisdom is based upon. Thank you.



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Q1. What are the requirements for sending material to Human Wisdom? Also, can I send material in a language other than English?

A1. Human Wisdom welcomes correspondence in English, French or Spanish, at least for the time being. For accuracy, the materials sent for publication should be in English. If your material is intended as part of the enhanced edition of a book, please edit it in such a way that it could be easily inserted in the book without many alterations being necessary. For efficiency, please try to be as straight to the subject and explicit as you can. At the beginning of each topic that you address, please indicate by a title which chapter in the book or which other aspect you are referring to. For example, for Terra City book you can mention: A PROBLEM, A MODEL, THE DATA, THE GOAL, THE WAY, TERRA CITY, HUMAN WISDOM, SYNERGETIC GROUPS, or in general - PROPOSED SUBJECT FOR A NEW BOOK, PROPOSED PRODUCT, PROPOSED PROJECT, etc.

We suggest that all materials intended for publication should be sent by registered mail or courier, in order to avoid any risk of getting lost. All other correspondence containing questions, comments or suggestions can be sent by regular mail or email.

Our address is: 


To avoid any confusion please clearly write your name, address, telephone, fax and email. If you would like to remain anonymous, please clearly specify that, otherwise, if your material is published, your name will be implicitly mentioned. 

Q2. How does Human Wisdom deal with copyright and possible copyright infringements?

A2. Human Wisdom can only count on everyone’s honesty and integrity. When a material is received from someone for possible publication, Human Wisdom cannot and shall not verify the truthfulness of the facts presented, the possible inspiration from someone else’s work, either published or not, and the eventual copyright violation or any other undesired aspect. The legality of all these issues remains the entire responsibility of the sender of the material.

Q3. On what criteria does Human Wisdom select the materials for publication?

A3. Human Wisdom assures everyone that the selection of materials for publication is done only in the spirit of promoting values pertinent to Human Wisdom principles and objectives presented in this web site. Since we can always make a mistake in our judgment or overlook a material, if you ever see that your contribution has not been incorporated in the expected Human Wisdom publication and you consider that it should have been, please send us a note. This way you will help Human Wisdom to keep a straight course in its activity, for which we thank you in advance.

Q4. Is there anything in “fine printing” that someone who wants to send a material to Human Wisdom should be aware of?

A4. Human Wisdom has no “fine printing” provisions. Actually, there is something very important that should be written in bold printing:

VERY IMPORTANT: In order to avoid any false expectations and misunderstandings please do not send any material to Human Wisdom before reading, clearly understanding and fully and unconditionally accepting the following stipulations.

When submitting any idea, essay, material of any kind, nature, size and importance to Human Wisdom, the sender of the material must be aware that s/he is actually submitting an open letter to the entire world, and hence the sender automatically accepts the possible loss of any and all rights to that material, including but not limited to the copyright for that material and any other material that might spin off from it. 

When submitting a material to Human Wisdom, either copyrighted or not, the sender automatically accepts to grant to Human Wisdom the unconditional and unlimited use of that material and any other material that may spin off from it. 

Any material of any kind (writings, drawings, paintings, sketches, songs etc.) received at Human Wisdom in any forms (courier, mail, fax, email, tapes, CDs etc.) is implicitly presumed by Human Wisdom as offered by the sender for publication, insertion or quotation, without any written authorization being necessary. The sender gives Human Wisdom unlimited rights to treat her/his material in the way Human Wisdom considers appropriate: the material can be published as such in any form of media, imbedded in a certain context, spun off in various forms, or simply ignored all together if considered irrelevant or inappropriate for publication by Human Wisdom, without any explanation to the sender being necessary.

The sender of a material must acknowledge any reference information incorporated in her/his material (quotation, summary, or paraphrase) by enclosing it in quotation marks, and at the end of the material will attach a list of all Works Cited.

Human Wisdom cannot and does not assume any responsibility of any nature towards any author, participant, collaborator or any other person related or not to Human Wisdom. Therefore when sending a material of any kind to Human Wisdom, the sender implicitly acknowledges to hold Human Wisdom harmless of any responsibility whatsoever, anywhere in the world, now and anytime in the future.

In case of a financial reward being distributed by Human Wisdom among the participants to a book, product or project, each participant shall unconditionally accept the amount determined by Human Wisdom, without any right of recourse.

All of the above may sound harsh and unconsidered, but again, please try to also think of the unlimited legal hazard to which Human Wisdom exposes itself. Anyone who considers any of the above provisions as unacceptable, which is an absolutely legitimate opinion, should undoubtedly avoid any cooperation with Human Wisdom. Also, anyone aiming or expecting a certain reward for their material must not send that material to Human Wisdom, since Human Wisdom cannot and does not guaranty any reward to anyone, and the copyright protection for that material might be lost.  

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