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This is the place where Human Wisdom will gather and exhibit beautiful pieces of art of all sorts -
illustrations, paintings, sculptures, architecture, photography, film, advertising... created by famed
artists and talented amateurs worldwide inspired by and inspiring a genuine
spirit of humanity.


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Submitting an Artwork to HW Art Gallery 

The main intention of the HW Art Gallery is to offer worldwide exposure to outstanding artworks created by talented artists and at the same time to allow people from around the globe to enchant their spirits and fill themselves with inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm in their own strive to reaching high performance in their fields of activity. 

In order to reach these goals without risking to fall in any possible pitfalls of such an endeavor, we all have to consider and agree upon a few "terms and conditions" that would create a fair reward-responsibility relationship between artists and Human Wisdom. If you have any comments and suggestions of how to further improve this "mutual agreement" please feel welcome to send it in. Thank you in advance. 

When submitting a copy of an Artwork to the Human Wisdom Art Gallery each Artist implicitly agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Artist represents that s/he is the true and only author of the Artwork, and s/he is exclusively responsible for the authenticity of the Artwork.

2. The Artist is and will always remain the only copyright owner for the Artwork.

3. The Artist grants to Human Wisdom the unconditional and unlimited use of the Artwork, in any form (as such, incorporated into a larger artwork, printed on various products such as greeting cards, posters, calendars, etc.) and in any media (written publications, CDs, film, advertising, etc.) anywhere in the world, now and any time in the future, without any further approval from the Artist or from any legal representative, being necessary.

4. The Artist will not be responsible for any liability resulted from the way Human Wisdom is promoting and exhibiting the Artwork.

5. The Artist will receive 50% of the net profit generated by the retail of all reproductions of the Artwork created by Human Wisdom, which will be paid by Human Wisdom at the end of each year. When the Artwork is incorporated into a larger artwork or publication, then the Artist will receive 50% from her/his proportionate share of the entire net profit produced by that artwork or publication. The proportionate share of each Artwork that is being incorporated in a larger artwork or publication will be fairly established by Human Wisdom and is implicitly accepted by all Artists involved. 

6. The remaining 50% of the net profit generated by the retail of all reproductions of the Artwork created by Human Wisdom will become part of the Annual Net Profit of Human Wisdom which will be entirely shared among all the participants in the Human Wisdom activities according to the Human Wisdom Reward-Point System.

Feel welcome to send us a copy of your artwork, as an attachment, at: hw@humanwisdom.ca 
Thank you for your participation!

As the Human Wisdom Art Gallery is in the process of being created, we invite you to visit a place designed by three people of heart and filled with beautiful artworks created by more than 200 artists worldwide:


Enjoy your visit!

Your questions, comments and suggestions about the HW Art Gallery

Send this site to a friend who might be interested in the Human Wisdom Art Gallery - Thank you!

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