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Synergic Contests? 

Have you ever thought that some contests might be something else than a fight for the first place? That some contests can be synergetic rather than being competitive? That instead of “the winner takes (almost) all” we could also have “all participants take it all” and actually so do the… spectators? This is what the Human Wisdom Synergic Contests are. Why? Because in certain instances at least, this kind of "competitions" can bring more benefits than otherwise. 

As a principle, Human Wisdom promotes cooperation and synergy as an alternative to competition, and HW Synergic Contests are a good illustration of this tenet. These events allow the expression of people’s talents and capabilities in various forms of art and other means of human expression and offer the authors a wide international exposure.

While all participating works are being reviewed, commented and given marks by the public, the aim is to reveal and admire the originality and expressivity of each work and to disclose those aspects still in need to be further refined, developed and matured. The main intention of these contests is to ease, stimulate and support the boundless development of each participant in their strive for refinement, and not to designate a winner. This way, every participant becomes a winner.

While we are mainly referring to arts contests this could equally apply to almost any other kind of contest – sports, literature, learning, knowledge, understanding, solutions, innovations...


Synergic Contests
create synergy on
two different levels

between the contenders, and between the contenders and the public

The moment the contenders stop seeing each other as rivals, or even enemies, when they stop focusing on competing against each other and instead concentrate on the human performance itself, they start to develop an emulation which is mutually inspiring and supportive in their common strive for perfection.

Similarly, the synergy between contenders and the public can generate a substantial mutual benefit. Normally, the public is the implicit judge in any contest. However, when contenders stop seeing the public as a judge, as someone they have to impress, to convince and sometimes even to trick, and instead they start to see the public as someone they have to enchant, to thrill, to uplift and to inspire, then they reach indeed their utmost level of excellence. Likewise, when we as a public stop seeing the contenders as some sort of gladiators or players to “bet” on, and start to see them as human beings reaching for high performance, then we open our minds and hearts and souls to a limitless admiration and start to receive the entire precious inspiration that their strive and outputs could provoke. It is only then that we start to feel their uplifting and challenging effect, which can inspire and encourage each one of us in our own endeavors for excellence in our own fields of interest.

In the future, you will notice that every once in a while the illustration of Human Wisdom home page and other sections of the site may change, and underneath each of these illustrations you will see a different name. They are the works and authors participating in HW synergic contests for illustrations and photography, and they will all be displayed in the pages of this site, in the HW Synergic Media and the HW Art Gallery, as a well-merited reward to all these works and artists.

Important Clarifications

Each Artist remains the sole copyright owner of the original Artwork.

Each Artist remains in the possession of the original Artwork.

Each Artwork relevant a contest theme will be presented in HW Synergic Media and the HW Art Gallery.

In order for Human Wisdom to present, promote and "market" the Artwork to the public, when sending a copy of the Artwork to Human Wisdom the Artist implicitly grants Human Wisdom the unlimited and unconditional right of use of the image/copy of the Artwork, in any form, shape, product or medium that Human Wisdom may decide.

As a concrete example, the Artist grants Human Wisdom the right to publish promotional items decorated with the Artist's Artwork, which will be promoted and distributed worldwide through our HW Promotion & Distribution System or other forms of promotion and distribution.

Each participating Artist will receive 50% of the net profit resulted from the distribution of the promotional items carrying their illustration. The remaining 50% of the net profit will be distributed among all Human Wisdom participants that are contributing in various ways to the overall promotion of the Human Wisdom concept and the ideal of a Human Era, based on our Reward-Point System.

The Artists will not be responsible for any liability eventually resulted from the way Human Wisdom used the image of their Artwork.

Human Wisdom reserves the right to refuse participation to Artworks which are considered irrelevant to the contest theme or contradicting the Human Wisdom meaning and principles.

Feel welcome to take part in any of the synergic contests that are currently taking place at Human Wisdom by sending your illustration on any of the following themes:

A Human Era on Earth

The Terra City Project 

Cover illustration for the enhanced edition of Terra City book

Photography illustrating any Human Wisdom related subject

Please send your artwork at: 
Thank you very much for your participation!


Your questions, comments and suggestions about the HW Contests

Send this site to a friend who might be interested in a Human Wisdom Synergic Contest - Thank you!

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