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Why a Focus Group?

Let’s say that you have an idea for a book or a new product or project. What is it that you need in the very first place – financing, human resources, promotion or a distribution structure? All these elements are essential for your success but before putting any time, effort and money into it, you need to know if your idea is actually worth the trouble. Who could tell you that? – your friends, family or colleagues. Each of them can come with valuable comments and suggestions, but there is a chance that at least some of them might have a certain bias in their opinion. 

The best feedback that you could get would ideally come from a group of people whom you never met before and consequently have no reason not to be objective. This is exactly what a Human Wisdom Focus Group is – a group of people who “gather” online for this very purpose – to examine other people’s ideas, question them from all angles and then express their honest opinion about them. 

Who are these people?

They are ordinary men and women, children, adolescents and adults, students, employees in various fields of activity, retired or unemployed who dedicate some of their time to trying to help other people by giving them their honest, impartial opinion about their ideas and projects.

Why do they do that?

Because they feel good to know that they can be helpful and that their opinion may contribute to either save you effort, time and money or help and direct you better in succeeding in your project.

How many kinds of Focus Groups exist?

Actually, there are two kinds of Focus Groups. If your idea is dedicated to a certain regional market (a certain country for instance) then it should be best analyzed by a Regional Focus Group from that part of the world. If your idea is marketable around the globe, then a Worldwide Focus Group should ideally analyze it.

How much it costs to benefit from a Focus Group help?

A sincere – “Thank you!” from you, their satisfaction of having done something useful to others, and possibly, a thought of gratitude from you when your idea will become a successful story. This is all these people expect for their generous help.

How does it work?

When your idea is ready to be submitted to a Focus Group, click on the button below and submit it in a synthetic presentation. Unless otherwise required by you, your idea will not be made public in this site but only to the Focus Group that is assigned to analyze it, either regional or worldwide.

How well protected my idea will be?

As the entire cooperation within Human Wisdom, the Focus Group activity is governed by mutual trust only. That is to say that your idea cannot and will not be protected in any way. There is no guaranty that your idea will not be used by someone somewhere in the world, but just the trust that it won’t indeed. Therefore, if there are important aspects of your idea that should be kept private, please do not disclose them. Also, if you do not feel comfortable with the "risk" of losing your idea by using a HW Focus Group, you better try a "safer" way of getting feedback.

The First Challenge for our Focus Groups has been recently launched by Sandra Stephenson, a professor in the Humanities Department of John Abbott College at Ste-Anne de Bellevue, Canada. Here is Sandra's idea:

I want to organize a career information day for students, including those who do not wish to continue university education, which will focus on careers that do not contribute to the North American consumer life-style, and which do promote peace, well-being, environmental protection, respect for diversity, and other "alternative" values.

Please submit your ideas for careers like this that you know of that are viable (i.e. they are paid, not volunteer) or are at least sustainable (i.e. they pay room, board and travel).
Name, if you can, organizations which offer these career opportunities, and if possible, contact names and e-mails for representatives."

So, feel welcome to express your constructive opinion about this idea. You can email it to:

Here is a hint offered in Terra City book:

"If we want to try to forecast some of the fields of activity that will be the most dynamic in the future, we just have to bear in mind that first and foremost we will have to find viable ways to feed the entire population of the globe; then we have to better educate ourselves and our children, to take proper care of our health, to address the mistakes that we already made to the environment and try to learn to respect it and live in harmony with it, and last but not least we have to learn to fully enjoy life.

Consequently, we will have to develop the fields of agriculture, education, healthcare, environment and life improvement."


Feel welcome to visit and take part in a Focus Group: 




Your questions, comments and suggestions about HW Focus Groups

Send this site to a friend who might be interested in a Focus Group - Thank you!

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