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The World Is Changing

We may not feel it in our daily life, but the world is changing, and at a rather fast pace. Although at times we may not be convinced that this is progress and not regress, at a larger scale of time the world is evolving, surprisingly, for… better. It is just atrocious to see so many innocent human beings having to pay dear prices for this evolution to happen, and we sincerely hope that sooner rather than later we will learn together much more harmless ways to evolve.

Human Wisdom had the chance and honor to be part of the significant transformation in our vision, mentality and attitude that is taking place in our very times - and we trust that every human being who will become involved in this important process will share the same feeling of pride and joy of being instrumental to a historic change.

Human Wisdom welcomes everyone interested in linking their names to this endeavor - be they individuals, organizations, corporations, states, provinces or entire countries. Everyone is being offered a variety of ways to promote their names, products, services or ideals: 

  • through customized editions of the Terra City book (the opening or the enhanced edition) as well as other future Human Wisdom books, 

  • by sponsoring a Human Wisdom product or project, 

  • through ads & banners within the Human Wisdom website, or 

  • through any other ways that people may envision and are in consent with Human Wisdom principles and objectives.

In what the advertising rates are concerned, well… without any intention of being original at all cost, but simply because at Human Wisdom we believe that money should not be the primary goal in life, nor in business, we propose the following:

Each advertiser/sponsor shall have the freedom of choice to compensate for advertising with Human Wisdom in any way they can/want (ex: payment, counter-service, products, etc.) and in any amount they can afford or consider fair. 

The entire proceeds received from advertisement are being shared among the Human Wisdom participants based on our REWARD POINT-BASED SYSTEM.



Your questions, comments and suggestions about advertising with Human Wisdom

Send this site to a friend who might be interested in advertising with Human Wisdom - Thank you!

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