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This is the place where every participant in Human Wisdom enterprise can verify at all times the entire financial activity of Human Wisdom:

  • how much revenue Human Wisdom made and from what activities,  

  • how much expenses Human Wisdom had and on what,  

  • how much net profit remains to be shared among all the HW participants,

  • based on what principles is Human Wisdom sharing its net profits.

This information is updated on a monthly basis.

As specified in the HW Endeavor section, this open account includes all Human Wisdom revenues, expenses and profits generated starting the first commonly published book, product or project. At present time, Human Wisdom only published the opening edition of Terra City book (in English and other languages), which, as stated before, is not part of this account. The first foreseen book that will be part of this account is the enhanced edition of Terra City, which already started to have inputs from the readers.

This section of the site will also contain the list of names, contributions and reward-points attributed to all the people who are participating and having a positive impact in various Human Wisdom activities, such as:

  • inputs for an enhanced edition of a book,

  • ideas for new books, products and projects,

  • illustrations for various Human Wisdom website sections,

  • ideas for the development of the Terra City Project,

  • worldwide promotion of the Human Wisdom principles and activity, etc.

Feel welcome to review the…

HUMAN WISDOM ACCOUNT (Revenues, Expenses & Profit)





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