Only a few months after the launch of its current website edition, Human Wisdom applied for certain awards that we considered pertinent to its topics. We are delighted to display the awards and comments received from people and organizations worldwide which appreciate the Human Wisdom website as worthwhile.

We are thankful for the remarkable effort of these generous men and women who invest their precious time into reviewing so many websites, in the laudable intention to contribute to making the Internet the best that it can be - an exceptional media for valuable information and knowledge sharing, innovation, quality and goodwill.

We would also like to express our appreciation for the Website Awards Worksheet - an excellent resource for anyone seeking or giving an award. Our sincere thanks to Don Chisholm and Maggi Norris, the founder and respectively webmaster of WEBSITE AWARDS - the Home of the Awards Worksheet.


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July 14, 2003 - A cherished date for Human Wisdom, when it received the first award in its activity. It so happened that it came from Canadian Web Awards – an organization from the same dear land where Human Wisdom was created – Canada. Thank you very much Canadian Web Awards!

   Canadian Web Awards
We Proudly Present You With A
Canadian Web Award
Based On Your Ability To Provide A Canadian Friendly Website
"Our professional panel agrees that your site is everything you believe it is! We are pleased to present you with a 2003 Canadian Web Award for providing a CANADIAN FRIENDLY, informative web site. Based on our review of your site we are presenting you with a GOOD rating!"

July 15, 2003 - At the dawn of the next day, we merrily received from Dr. Frank Valzano, PhD., of Australian National University of Canberra, Australia, the FreeWorldGroup Webmaster Award.
Our most sincere thanks, Dr. Valzano!

  FreeWorldGroup Award
"Thank you for applying for the
FreeWorldGroup Webmaster Award
Your site, Human Wisdom, qualified for our
Bronze award... Well done!
Great information, easy navigation."

July 19, 2003 - Within this special week of July, Human Wisdom received the WM8C's Ham Links Award from USA. Thank you so much Todd for your warm remarks!

WM8C's Ham Links Award

Congratulations, your site has qualified for the WM8C's Ham Links Award!
Thank you for inviting to your home on the web and it is a compliment to the WWW. You have a great site. The layout is well done and the navigation is very easy to follow! You have a very professional site and I enjoyed my visit.

July 23, 2003 - We received a few touching words of appreciation and two awards from A Lady's View Awards. Thank you very much Lady J-Ann!

ALV Bronze Award   ALV Merit Award
A Lady's View Awards
We have visited your site and found it to be very nice!  We are proud to present you with our Bronze and Merit Awards!
Your site is very informative, original, eye pleasing, well designed and easily navigated.  It was a pleasure visiting "Human Wisdom".

Thank you for making such a positive contribution to the internet.

July 24, 2003 - A few touching words of kindness and encouragement along with an honoring Perfect World Award. We promise to do our very best to live up to the flattering remark written on this award. Our most sincere thanks to Linda Causey!

A Perfect World Award
Your site, Human Wisdom is
A Perfect World Award winner!
Great idea, explained very well. Looking forward to seeing this evolve.
Thank you for sharing your great site.

July 29, 2003 - A beautiful inviting Aloha Award from a beautiful place on earth - Hawaii City. Many thanks to Lealoha, Leilani, Bruce and Steve.

Aloha Award
All of us agreed that you truly do have an interesting web site with quality content and design. The Aloha Award is not an easy award to win. That is why this award is seen so infrequently. Proudly display the Aloha Award to let others know that your Web site is informative, unique and has won this prestigious award.

July 29, 2003 - An illustrative Innovative Site Award which we hope to fulfill. Our thanks to Richard Lowe!

Innovative Site Award
Thanks for applying for the Innovative Site award. Your site has met the criteria for the award and has won! I found your site is indeed innovative and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

August 1, 2003 - We thought the month of July was generous with the Human Wisdom website, and still consider so. Then the Demiurgus of Content Award came from one of the most beautiful and touching award programs we visited - 4 Elements Award. Our most sincere thanks to Vina Galindo! Your words came straight to our heart, and mind.

4 Elements Award
Your site is simply profound in content! Human wisdom is something most of us strive for and we thank you for enlightening us with such "wise" words by providing information with such a different perspective of thoughts on life. Your navigation is easy to use, design simple and color scheme eye-pleasing.

August 3, 2003 - We received the valued Rose Award along with dear words of appreciation from Donna O'Smollain-MacDhadhoc. Thank you so much, Lady Dorothea!

The Rose Awards
Your site provides the Internet community with a wonderful spiritual experience, as you strive to encourage Net viewers to find peace within their own hearts. You also give visitors a chance to learn about new spiritual paths, for which I commend you on doing so! In addition, your site is well-designed, easy to navigate, has informative site content, is family-friendly, and shows good choices in design/colors/fonts/graphics! 
For all of those reasons, you should be proud of your web site. Thank you for allowing me to visit and review "Human Wisdom", and please accept this honor as a token of my appreciation!

August 3, 2003 - Encouraging nice words of appreciation along with the Red Paw Award from Sweden. Our most sincere thanks to Eva Lindqvist Fagerström!

Red Paw Award
Human Wisdom! Human Era! These two  statements made me think a lot after my first visit to your web site. They show a great belief in human capacity and our responsibility to each other worldwide and for the planet we are living on. I wish you all possible success in your endeavor to achieve your goals.
You have created a web site that in design supports the content and the navigation throughout the site is very easy. Well done! Furthermore your site fulfills the criteria for my award and it is with great pleasure I send you the award and I hope you will accept it.

August 15, 2003 - We received the Internet Excellence Award which incites to... excellence. Thank you Jim Whalen!

I really love your web site! The design and layout, and easy navigation around your site are top notch!

August 23, 2003 - We received the Gadzillion Award from a website with a very interesting concept. Thank you Don Fowler.

Gadzillion Award
I enjoyed visiting your site. It is truly a plus
for the Internet and consequently I would like to
reward your efforts with the Gadzillion Award For
Creative Thought on the Internet.


Your questions, comments and suggestions about the Awards won by Human Wisdom

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