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Dan Bostan

It took tens of thousands of years to our human civilization to evolve from the time of caves to where we are today. A long journey, which involved a lot of learning, fighting, competition, innovation, creativity and… daring. Looking back - we feel amazed by our achievements, and troubled by our failures. Looking forward - our concerns revolve around one question:
What is going to be next?

Most of us are skeptical about our future, many are worried, while some fear the worst. However there is a great chance for building a future brighter than most of us can imagine and more feasible than we dare to hope.
The Terra City project is a concrete step into that future!

Inspired by Terra City  Montreal, Canada, 2002



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Welcome to Terra City!

Imagine yourself a few years from now. You are in an airplane traveling towards a unique place on Earth. After a few hours of flight the attendant announces: “Attention please, we are approaching our destination, and if you look through the window you can actually see it.”

Looking through the airplane window you distinguish a sort of a… city with a shape resembling... the map of the world. You can see at reduced scale all the continents and the oceans around them, and all the countries of the globe with borders of… multicolored flowers.

This is Terra City! – a tiny place on Earth where people created an unprecedented project - a human experience as we never lived before,
a place meant to inspire us in creating a better world.

It all started in year 2005, with a revelation: Looking at our long history – from the age of stone and metal, through the age of agriculture, machines and automation, to the information and communications, people realized that time has come now for a... totally different ERA.

An ERA where abundance in everyone’s life, fulfillment of everyone’s dreams, and enjoyment of every moment of being and feeling alive are the major objectives. So, they opened themselves to a Human Era dedicated to honoring and enjoying our lives to the fullest!

Either we realize it or not, everyone, like you and me, has a good side and a… not so good side. Depending on which side of ours is dominant at a certain moment, we can be nice, generous and ready to do great things for each other… or, we can be mean, selfish and destructive…

Hence the solution: If we would find a way to stimulate our human side - then we can determine ourselves to act rather well than bad.

If we gather the most creative, generous and inspiring things that fellow human beings have thought and done in different parts of the world, and make them accessible to everyone, in a completely honest and open manner - that would help each one of us realize how wonderful and precious our human side really is, how many great things we can accomplish together, and how nice and human our lives and the entire world would become.

This is why this small piece of land somewhere on Earth was chosen to become Terra City – to gather the various expressions of goodwill, creativity, generosity and humanity of people from all over the globe.

It took a thorough analysis to choose this place, for it had to be hosted by a country with a long time pacifist reputation, and also be accessible from all corners of the globe.

Once the ideal place was chosen, the project was discussed with the government of the host country - since Terra City had to have a unique status - belonging to everyone, and to no one in particular.

Then, the plan of the city was designed - a map of the globe was drawn with all seven continents, and each country was assigned a piece of land similar in shape and proportionate in size with the real country.

When the place was ready, the Terra City project was presented to the world. Each country was invited to participate and create in its little Terra Country the most representative image of its nation. All countries on the planet were told something in this line:

Dear Friends from all over the World - Welcome to Terra City!

History showed us how many awful things can be done in the world, what horrors any of us can be capable of, and how close to beasts we can behave at times.

Now, we need to see how many wonderful things we can do together, how genuinely good our human side really is, how powerful and benefic our synergy worldwide can be.

Do what you do for the Olympic games, when you search your country for the best athletes to represent you! Gather the most creative people of your country: artists, writers, scientists, inventors and discoverers - the most beautiful minds and souls your nation has been blessed with - and challenge them to find the most inspired ways to reach the human cord of all their countrymen - and together, to contemplate like never before their lives, their country and the entire world.

Let them use the most daring shapes, colors and sounds to express in your Terra Country the most of your people, your culture and your history - the greatest lessons they learned from the evolution of mankind, their hopes and dreams, and shape the kind of world they wish their children and grandchildren to live in.

For this is what Terra City is - the image of the best of the entire world, and an inspiration for human beings to strive together for much better.

This is where people from all over the world will come to share their lessons and achievements, with sincerity and generosity - to discover their own talents and allow their creativity to flourish.

This is where people will support each other’s efforts to become the best they can be, and reach that sublime stage of “self-actualization”.

This is where people will discover the pure taste of genuine respect of a human being towards another human being - for the simple reason they are all living creatures on the same planet.

This is where people will listen at each other’s problems and use the power of their synergy - the power of thinking and acting together – to find true, long lasting solutions.

People will focus on real life priorities - find ways to spread knowledge and optimize resources worldwide, produce enough food for everyone on the planet, concert their efforts in search for cures for diseases that decimate us every year, raise the level of education of their children, so they will be able to take the Human Era to new heights. 

After visiting Terra City, each one of us will return to our country, our city, our workplace, our church and our home, carrying with us its spirit, eager to share it and multiply it with others - a bit more human than when we left, more loving, more compassionate, more humble, and more daring.

Open your mind – to see that this is not a dream. It is the summit of a long progress which started tens of thousands of years ago. Now it’s time to do our share - and raise our evolution to another level. We won’t need to fight, to struggle, or sacrifice ourselves - as did so many of our forerunners.

All we have to do is open our minds and realize how intelligent, creative and generous we are - and how much we can benefit from enhancing our mentality and expanding our synergy worldwide.

 Welcome to Terra City!

Send us your thoughts about the Terra City Project?

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