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Award Date

The Floral Photography of Alice Major
"The purpose of my art is to express the passion I feel for flowers and to share with you the joy they bring to me.  My close-up lens allows me right into their hearts, where I’ve discovered that each one is a place unto itself, a beautifully appointed room, a space in which to linger, wonder, rest.  Each bloom invites us in."


January 27, 2006

Official Web Site Of Painter Vojkan Djurdjevic

January 21, 2006

Sally McLean Dot Com
Always aware that giving back is important, Sally supports many charities, her most recent honour being named a World Smile Ambassador for the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation (USA), who work towards a brighter future for children around the world, in association with UNICEF and many other international children's charities and organisations. Fellow Ambassadors include Brooke Sheilds, Patch Adams, Brigitte Bardot, Phil Collins, Peter Farrelly, Sir Derek Jacobi, Michael York and Prince Albert of Monaco

January 16, 2006

Quod Erat Demonstrandum


January 16, 2006

MNM Digital Art Expression
"We invite you to take a digital peak at the original art of Nicole L Marques."


January 16, 2006

Intangible Designs
"ID is the home of the lifetime work of Illustrator and Translator Robert Rajabally. It is a work-in-progress that reflects a career that has been steering towards Naturalist and serious Spiritualist Illustration and Graphic Design since 1975 and has now been online since 2001. A convergence of related projects and information related to spirituality, research and meaningful partnerships for practical application of this content are also the scope of ID website."

March 21, 2004

Michele Lanci-Altomare
"Designer, photographer and author Michele Lanci-Altomare's online portfolio and resume including a small cross section of her award-winning graphic and book design, infrared, filtered and natural photography and her book authorship."

Book designs by Michele Lanci-Altomare

March 4, 2004

BTDesign Art Gallery
"BTDesign Art Gallery is where worldwide artists winners of the Golden Art Site Award present their most significant production. The gallery guests each month different artists in personal dedicated exhibitions. At the end of the monthly exhibition each artist maintains a personal page in this Permanent section showing a selection of artworks, some biographical information and a link to his/her personal artsite."

Paintings by Tomaso Marcolla - Guest Artist of the Month at BTDesign Art Gallery

October 12, 2003

Michael Jolin's Images
"You chose your plane, dimensions, family, body, mind. Why not the course of this precious life?"

October 4, 2003

The Search Party 
"Thank you for visiting my little spot on the web - I like to make backgrounds in my spare time, at work I make coffee - at home I make backgrounds!! I love anything to do with animals and plants as you will gather if you take a peek at some of the pages. Making backgrounds allows me to merge my fondness for animal and plant art."


September 29, 2003

" [is] a growing community of artists founded by three like minded individuals. This site is a free online resource for both visual artists and clients looking for talent. All members are given (5) reusable uploading credits so you can upload your images and a CV for FREE!"
Feel welcome to enjoy the impressive diversity of beauty of the artworks displayed in this website.

September 20, 2003

Daniele Jaquillard, a contemporary French Painter

Children around the World, by Daniele Jaquillard Children around the World, by Daniele Jaquillard Children around the World, by Daniele Jaquillard Children around the World, by Daniele Jaquillard Children around the World, by Daniele Jaquillard Children around the World, by Daniele Jaquillard Children around the World, by Daniele Jaquillard

THE MAN AND HIS DESTINY, by Daniele Jaquillard THE SWING, by Daniele Jaquillard ORPHEO NEGRO, by Daniele Jaquillard  THE TORTURE VICTIM, by Daniele Jaquillard
The Man and His Destiny             The Swing                  Orpheo Negro              The Torture Victim

September 13, 2003

Mariannegb's Art

MIROIR D'O by Marianne Grommet-Bangwa   JUSTE A L'AUBE by Marianne Grommet-Bangwa  SUPERNOVA by Marianne Grommet-Bangwa  A LA QUETE by Marianne Grommet-Bangwa
           Miroir d'O                            Juste à l' aube                        Supernova                            La quête           


September 5, 2003


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