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Joe Kohl: Cartoonist/Illustrator
Joe Kohl has been a magazine cartoonist and illustrator since 1972. His work has appeared worldwide on books, greeting cards, book covers, advertisements, billboards, POP (Point Of Purchase) displays, magazines, magnets, tee shirts and mugs.  Joe's work has been published in most major national magazines and periodicals which print cartoons and/or humorous illustrations including Reader's Digest, National Enquirer, Saturday Evening Post, New Woman, Christianity Today, Good Housekeeping, Complete Woman, The Rotarian, Forbes, Writer's Digest, The Artist's Magazine, Marriage Partnership, The Wittenburg Door, Woman's Own, Saturday Review, Penthouse, First for Women, Woman's World, Punch, Medical Economics, True, Swank, Personnel Journal, The Madison Avenue Handbook, Genesis, Woman, VFW Magazine, Funny Times, Diversion, medical journals in the United States and Canada, books in the "Chicken Soup for The Soul" series, USA Weekend and many others."

January 27, 2006

Lincoln District Scout Band
Lincoln District Scout Band is the most experienced Scout and Guide band in Lincolnshire and is recognized as the premier youth marching band in the county. Parade Band rehearsals are held once a week in the hall of Westgate School, Lincoln. Lincoln District Scout Band chooses not to enter competitions, but prefers instead, to concentrate on promoting wider interest in Scouting and Guiding through the music and displays that we perform.

January 16, 2006

Positive News Network
"The vision of the Positive News Network is to create, produce and promote an alternative news service that will focus on positive people, stories and solutions. Goals - To simply focus and celebrate on all that is good. Educate, inform, inspire and connect you with the latest positive news, people, solutions, and events in your community and around the world."

March 21, 2004

DCR Images - Wildlife Photography and Adventure Travel
My first real adventure trip was a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.  I was completely hooked.  I decided that I was going to take some sort of adventure trip as often as possible.  Over the years my trips have gravitated towards wildlife photography.  Wildlife photography and adventure travel are actually a good combination.  It turns out that to photograph a lot of wildlife you need to travel to remote locations.  My travels have taken me across both the Arctic circle and the Antarctic circle.

March 4, 2004

Daily Celebrations 
"Life is a celebration of passionate colors.

Daily Celebrations features original writing, artwork, and photographs, with over 1,600 special celebrations that have been researched, written, edited, and
indexed to motivate, educate, and inspire. Please take your time... look around... and enjoy!

October 12, 2003

WOW Zone
WOW is living in your highest ideals and believing in yourself. It's appreciating and respecting the diversity and magnificence of life, realizing that you are a link in the chain of life. The chain will be as weak or as strong as you. Believe in the power of faith, hope and love. Contribute to life in your own special way and celebrate the renaissance of the human spirit!"

October 4, 2003

How Much Joy 
"In 2000, I wrote a self-help book called How Much Joy Can You Stand? that has helped more than 75,000 people find joy and happiness. Since then, I've created self-help teleclasses, eCourses and eBooks, a creativity
newsletter, and an award-winning website with a single objective in mind: to make your dreams a reality. But my work isn't just about happiness and joy - it's about pushing past your fears, and finding the tools you need to fit those dreams into everyday reality."

September 29, 2003

Q92 Aaron & Tasso
Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, once said:
"Each morning, waking up to a positive message of hope and beauty can help brighten our world and nurture so much more." He is absolutely right, and Montrealers know that for a fact... Most of them "wake up smiling" and "get up on the good side of the bed" each morning thanks to two most inspired and talented radio broadcasters: Aaron and Tasso.

Each weekday morning from 5:30am to 9:00am these two lovely people and their wonderful colleagues do not spare any effort to create an impressively joyful radio show filled with great music, hilarious jokes, challenging games, commented news, birthday greetings, community and charitable events - a remarkable entertaining interaction meant to... make people a bit happier and life a bit more enjoyable!

Thank you Aaron and Tasso, and thank you ALL "Aaron-s and Tasso-s" of the world from the bottom of our hearts!

September 20, 2003

Most people consider SEINFELD as the funniest TV show of the last few decades, which excels grace to the talent and professionalism of its actors, writers and directors.
Beyond being so generously entertaining, SEINFELD also does something with a certain... moral: it exposes aspects of ourselves, which we would prefer to... forget. That is quite educational for any of us.

Since we could not find an official SEINFELD website, we symbolically offered this HW Award for outstanding Joyfulness to - a site which presents a remarkable wealth of information about the SEINFELD show. 

September 13, 2003

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
"Jay Leno follows in the footsteps of legendary NBC late-night hosts Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. Celebrating his 10th anniversary in May 2002, Leno has created his own unique late-night style with a combination of humor, talk and entertainment each night at 11:35 p.m. ET - the wee hours when viewers want to wind down with a few laughs before drifting off to dreamland. Considered by many to be a “variety” show, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” features a nightly monologue and news-making guests, as well as ongoing comedy segments including “Headlines,” “Request Line,” “Tonight Show Side Show,” “Jaywalking” and “Battle of Jaywalking All-Stars.” The result is a unique look at today’s pop culture."


September 7, 2003

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