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The Animal Spirit
Cruelty-Free Living: We can't change the world overnight, but we can each make a difference. The Cruelty-Free Living section shows you how!

January 27, 2006

Romanian Association of Parents with Cancer and Leukemia Ill Children
P.A.V.E.L. Association came into life in August 1995, when a group of parents with children ill of cancer decided to organize themselves for helping the Romanian children ill of cancer and their parents.

December 25, 2005

The Ark Of Special Angels
The Ark of Special Angels is a group for Mom's, Dad's, Sibling's, Medical Personnel  Educators, and friends of those with Special Needs. Whether you are a new parent of a special need’s child or anyone dealing with a special needs adult this will be a place to visit for information, support, friendship and understanding.
We will assist you in finding a support group in your area. We will strive to find the answers to any and the many questions and or fears you may have. The greatest fear is the unknown... The Ark Special Angels is here for you to support and care..

February 22, 2004
"'If any words are worth saving, it is these words.'
Brother Bartholomew of Northumbria, A.D. 1159
Much of the classic literature of the Greek and Roman era survives today because of medieval monks who spent their whole lives carefully hand-copying them one at a time.
It is these monks that provide the inspiration for

New works are published today at a faster rate than ever before, but we are losing many great creations, too.
Rare books languish in private collections, never to be re-published or read by more than just a privileged few. Texts from the 18th, 19th and even 20th century that were printed on acidic paper are already becoming unreadable.

Paper, it seems, just doesn’t last very long. But the Web, on the other hand, might just be around in some form in 10,000 years.

That’s why we are dedicated to transferring all the
interesting old books we can find to the Web. We search the world over for what Brother Bartholomew called "words worth saving." We then make them available to everyone for free using the power of the Internet.

October 12, 2003

University for the Study of Human Goodness
"In 1986, a small group of service-minded individuals began caring for terminally ill people, around the clock and one person at a time, in the home of one of the volunteers. Over time, the group evolved into the Human Service Alliance (HSA), an all-volunteer organization based in Winston-Salem, NC, which provided, at no cost and with no paid staff, care for the terminally ill, respite care for children with disabilities, mediation service, and health and wellness programs for hundreds of individuals, as well as training and inspiration for dozens of like-minded service organizations through the US. Hundreds of volunteers were attracted from around the world, and HSA was named a Point of Light and featured in the PBS television series, The Visionaries.
In order to share with others the principles of spirituality, soulful service, and group work it had developed over more than a decade, HSA established in 1998 the University for the Study of Human Goodness (UfHG). "

October 4, 2003

Reall Solutions
"FREE Web Sites & Graphics for Charity & Nonprofit Organisations. Reall Solutions are more than happy to offer our design services free to bona fide registered charity and nonprofit organisations. Exceptions from being 'registered' in your country may exist for fund raising for medical treatment for children with illnesses/diseases or for church based charities."

September 29, 2003

"International Friendship through the Written Word. Stories and Poems from around the World. Opportunities for Writers.
We here at Tintota always answer e-mails. And usually promptly. We also give a decision within a couple of days on every submission we receive, usually telling the writer where they have gone wrong in the case of a rejection, and often proffering help for future submissions. Now, we don't do this because someone pays us to. On the contrary, we bear the whole cost of running Tintota ourselves - as our gift to international friendship. We don't seek payment. But an occasional "thank-you" would be rather nice."

September 20, 2003

Jain Tirthankars Screensaver Charityware

"The concept of charityware screensaver was developed keeping in the mind the various humanitarian works we carry out so as to develop our society in general and the poor and needy in particular."

September 13, 2003


"I believe we should live our lives in perfect harmony...through John said so beautifully, "Sweet , sweet surrender, Live, live without care, Like a fish in the water, Like a bird in the air..."  But how many choose to live life this way?  Very few....due to the pressures of society demanding that you conform to "they" think is right for you...But to listen to John's songs, to read The Tao and other books of spiritual truth, can open up an understanding within you that there is so much more to life than merely existence and survival.  The joy will come when you surrender to all expectations others have of you or you have placed upon your life in integrity...follow your heart...and have the courage of your sincere within yourself and thereby become sincere with all Goethe wrote, "I can promise to be sincere, but not to be impartial," and as he also wrote, "The first and last thing required of genius is the love of truth."  Truth--a rarity in today's world--but it begins with you--toward yourself then outwardly.  Be who you truly are, for therein is true contentment."


September 5, 2003

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